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Activities in Corsica

The PNRC carried out studies to elaborate a specific statute of protection to the Sardinian corsican Deer.

This document summarizes the project’s activities carried out by the PNRC in Corse since the first reintroductions of deer in 1998.

The activities were realised by the PNRC in collaboration with ONF, ONCFS and with the departmental laboratories of Haute Corse and South Corse.


Shown below the monitoring’s systems and the obtained results. 

Monitoring of the reintroduced deer in the municipalities of Moltifau and Castifau, Corse.

This activity included the exhibition of informative panels about the Project "One deer, two islands".

Census’ operations in Corsica were conducted by the PRNC.

The instalation of electrified wire fence in Corse.