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The LIFE+ brochures at the airport of Olbia

07 July 2015

Since the 25th of June 2015 the brochure of the project is available at the InfoPoint desk of Olbia "Costa Smeralda" Airport. It can help the project LIFE+ Nature "One deer, two islands"  to be known by arriving tourists. In 2014, in fact, 2.1 million passengers used Airport Olbia "Costa Smeralda" facilities. Many of them traveled on international routes: 305,000 from Germany, 206,000 from France, 105,500 from the UK, 46,000 from Austria and these are only Olbia main markets. The brochures are situated in the area open to the public that can be accessed by all interested people as well as by some 1,000 welcomers who every day wait for arriving passengers.