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Monitoring deer moved to Corsica

10 June 2016

Fantastic news from Corsica, where PRNC staff is checking the health status of deer moved from Sardinia last March 15th.

Pictures show a young female (identified by blue markers on the ears) together with another female which was born in Corsica. It means that animals been moved from Sardinia have already been accepted by animals from Corsica. This discover marked an important achievement among the activities aimed to enrich the genetic wealth of the Corsica Sardinian Deer!!!

Other pictures show a young male (number 038 – 039) both at the realising moment on March 15th and some days ago. It is possible to compare its horns, which have grown sharply. The animal appears in very good health and its horns say that it is almost ready for reproduction at the end of the Summer season.

Pictures were taken by PRNC staff.