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Census of the Cervus elaphus corsicanus

13 October 2014

The LIFE+ Project partners, Ente Foreste Sardinia and Parc Naturel Regional de Corse, carried out the censuses of the sardinian corse deer in their territories. The censuses took place in the areas of Arbus-Montevecchio (on 2th of September) and Montarbu – Rio Nuxi (on 5th September), involving volunteers and the Ente Foreste's staff.

In corse the analysed areas Caccia-Ghjunsani, the centre of the island, Fium'Orbi, Alta Rocca and Dui Sorru, from the 4th to the 20 of September, involving 50 volunteers, the partners (ONCFS, ONF and students) and the Parc Naturel Regional de Corse's staff.