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“Natura 2000 Networking Programme” Day Celebration

14 May 2015

The “Rete Natura 2000” Day was celebrated on the 21st of May. The Province of Ogliastra organized some activities of environmental education and promotion in the Ulassai municipality. The aim was to celebrate the “Rete Natura 2000” Day and to inform the local populations about the protection and monitoring activities of the Sardinian deer, a project developed as part of the “Rete Natura 2000”.

The day began with activities of environmental education organized by the Ente Foreste operators which involved the children of Ulassai primary school. Numerous initiatives related to the deer and its habitat: the contact with the antlers, its coat, the traces and the calls' recognition, games to discover its habitat.

In the afternoon the Conference named “Monitoraggio Cervus elaphus corsicanus e Sus scrofa meridionalis nell’oasi di protezione faunistica di Taccu – Ulassai“ took place with the participation of several project's experts.

The Dr. Carlo Garau (Province Medio Campidano) presented the LIFE+ Natura project “Conservation of deer elaphus corsicanus in Sardinia and Corse” and its most relevant activities. The Dr. Mandas (Ente Foreste), LIFE+ Natura Project's vet, explained the methods applied during the different phases of deer's capture, monitoring and release in Sardinia and Corse. He also showed the result of analyses carried out in the captured deer and in the already present populations. The attention is focused on the animal welfare in order to avoid them every possible trauma. The Dr Pierangela Cabras analysed the healthy aspects related to the deer's presence, focusing the attention on the potential collaboration among the stakeholders in order to reduce and to avoid the potential spread of animal diseases. All the selected deer are monitored and put through health controls, more than the domestic animals. The human population of the interested territory do not have to worry about the potential diseases related to the deer's transfer.

Finally, the Dr. Davide Brugnone (Assessorato all’Ambiente della Regione Autonoma della Sardegna), analysed the effects caused by the wild fauna on the agricultural cultivations and the incidents' percentage that involved the deer.

During the Day the operators spread some information about the activities carried out in the territory of the Oasi “Taccu” (Ulassai) thanks to the supporting photographic and video evidence.