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OneDeerTwoIslands at international festival

05 May 2016

The documentary realized by the LIFE + OneDeerTwoIslands project has been included in the shortlist of environmental documentaries in competition at the International Festival of sustainable development EKOTOPFILM.

This year the festival will take place in Bratislava from 16 to 20 of May.

Although the inclusion of the documentary within the short list of the best documentaries made in the last year it can already be considered a success, we hope that the beauty of the story will hit the international jury to insert the documentary among the awarded ones.

More information is available in the official website of the event http://www.ekotopfilm.sk/en/ , there is also the list of the documentaries in competition http://www.ekotopfilm.sk/en/film- catalog /  as well as the detailed form of the Project's documentary http://www.ekotopfilm.sk/en/movie/jeden-jelen-dva-ostrovy/