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Televised report about achieved results on project

26 March 2014

Some interesting video on project activities: Here you can find some televised report about achieved results on project “One Deer Two Islands”.

  1. On 25th of march the television Program “TG3 Leonardo” on RAI 3 channel talks about Sardinian or Corsican Red Deer releases. You can watch it clicking on the following link: http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-90d46105-6a39-4192-bf35-4bd1fc267b14-tgr.html#p=0

  2. The TV NEWS of the sardinian broadcast channel VIDEOLINA transmitted a televised report (it starts at 9’,05”) about the release made in Ogliastra on 21st of february http://www.videolina.it/video/telegiornali/59030/tg-edizione-del-22-febbraio-2014-ore-14-00.html

  3. The corsican broadcast channel “France 3 corse Via stella” transmitted a televised report about the release made in Corsica on 21st march http://corse.france3.fr/2014/03/22/lacher-de-cerfs-et-biches-corso-sardes-en-haute-corse-438817.html