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Action C7: Interventions of environmental improvement in the selected areas for the reintroductions.

The measures of forestry improvement will regard:

  • Replacement of conifers with shrubby vegetation: this allows an increase of trophic availability, because it consists of more attractive essences.
  • Plantation of autochthone species, even fruiting, protected by the game with "shelters" – inside of the interested areas - that allows an increase of the food availability.
  • Creation of small clearings of maximum 0,2 ha (0,49 ac): this action allows new populations to have more available space at their disposal and also more feeding sites, reducing the migration to the cultivated lands.

This action will have effects on the reintroduced deer’ populations in the sites of:

1) Supramonte of Oliena, Orgosolo and Urzulei – Su Suercone ITB ITB022212 (Province Ogliastra)

2) Gulf of Orosei ITB020014 (Province Ogliastra)

3) Monti Del Gennargentu ITB021103 (Province Ogliastra)

4) Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas ITB040031 (Province Medio Campidano)

5) Monte Linas Marganai ITB041111 (Province Medio Campidano)

6) Chênaie Verte ET Juniperaie de la Tartagine FR9402004 (Corsica)

7) Massif De L’incudine Fr9400582 (Corsica)

8) Rivière Et Vallée Du Fangu Fr9400577 (Corsica)