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In this area you can find all documents concerning the reports produced by the experts of the operations carried out in the project’s area (Sardinia and Corse). A catalogue of the One Deer Two Islands Project will be here available.


Schedule summarizing of the censuses 2012 in Sardinia

Among the actions realized by the Ente Foreste, the fauna’s monitoring and study activities are considered essential in the protection and safeguard of the Island’s natural heritage.

21th May 2013

Report 2012 Bell census of the deer in the North Sardinia

The news about the bell censuses of the deer in the Monte Olia, Bolostiu and Terranova carried out by the “Servizio Territoriale” of Tempio (Ente Foreste of Sardinia).

13 May 2016

Report on the reintroduction of new population of 15 deer, 18 and 31 March

Among the activities of the project, it includes the monitoring of new populations of cervids originating in Sardinia and Corsica transferred to a new environment in Corsica. The new report highlights the updated results of the monitoring.

31 December 2013

Censimento Cervi 2013

The 2013 Census helped to assess the Sardinia total deer population in 3,060 animals. During 2013 Census researchers couldn't collect data on the Sarrabus territory, where the previous year 705 animals were reported.

31 December 2014

Deers Census 2014

The 2014 Census carried on in Sardinia helped to assess the total deer population in 4,270 animals.