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The installation of the anti-collision systems

10 June 2016

On some of road of the Medio Campidano where there are more accidents caused by deer crossing the installation of anti-collision systems it has been completed.

These systems are composed of three different types of equipment:

  • The wild animals signs (photo 1) consists of traffic signs illuminated with LEDs powered by small solar panels is functional to increase the attention of the drivers especially at night in the zones where they were registered the most frequent crossings;
  • The explanatory panels (photo 2) are easy to read information boards that inform motorists with regard to anti-collision safety equipment which is fitted to the stretch of road;
  • The optical bollards (photo 3) are the safety features that allows wild animals to perceive in advance the arrival of the cars at night. How is it possible to observe in the picture, the optical bollards are applied on the outer side of the delineators of the carriageway edge. Thanks to their inclination, they reflect the light from the car headlights to the outside with an angle of 90 °. In this way, the animals that during the night are preparing to cross the road can see in advance the light of the cars and instinctively block their movement, avoiding possible collisions

We hope that these small actions can not only help to reduce the number of road incidents and human victims, but also facilitate the growth of the number of Sardinian deer in the territory, allowing it to make human activities compatible with the survival of the species.

The road installations have been carried out by the province of the Medio Campidano.