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29 September 2020

The final report for the project activities, financial data and management hints, covering from 09/09/2012 to 09/03/2019.

11 March 2019

5 years long project, hard work, Sardinia and Corse, together to save red deer !

05 March 2019

During these five years of LIFE project, the communication and dissemination activities carried out by the partners have been rich, and aimed:

14 September 2018

UE Commission  has granted one-year extension for "One deer two islands" project: the deadline is now scheduled for 9 March 2019

19 April 2018

The blog of the Piedmont Parks has published an interesting article on our Project LIFE+ OneDeerTwoIslands.

01 March 2018

On March 1st and 2nd the final conference of the Project LIFE+ One Deer Two Islands will take place.

The conference will take place in Cagliari at Manifattura Tabacchi - Viale Regina Margherita 33.

26 February 2018

Focus Group: Il Cervo nella foresta del Montarbu

19 February 2018

Nell'ambito dell'azione D5 (Studio Socio-economico) si è tenuta la due-giorni dedicata all'incontro con i portatori d’interesse locali, presso Montarbu (Seui).

19 October 2016

Domani 19 ottobre presso la Sala Anfiteatro in via Roma 253 a Cagliari si terrà alle 9.30 un convegno che affronta la tematica della gestione della viabilità stradale in funzione della protezione della fauna selvatica.

01 July 2016

Riparte la campagna di comunicazione dopo il successo dell’estate 2015.