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Project results

11 March 2019

5 years long project, hard work, Sardinia and Corse, together to save red deer !

2019 is the year of end of activity, the year of financial statements.  With this project we proceeded to the construction of light infrastructures and fences. In fact, three capture enclosures have been created in the deer capture area, two parking enclosures in the release areas in Sardinia and two mobile capture fences for the Corsica release areas. Before carrying out the capture and transfer operations (very complex and delicate operations), preliminary studies have been carried out to identify the capture sites, a preliminary examination of the health status of the Deer populations of the spring areas as well as a careful planning and organization of the catches and transfers. Catches were taken in the free population of SCI Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas. Permanent Oasis of Montevecchio-Costa Verde wildlife protection; some specimens were captured in the Settefratelli wildlife enclosure and others in the wildlife enclosure of Silana Urzulei. The deer were attracted to the capture enclosures with the administration of natural foods that were palatable to the species and thanks to the use of photo-traps it was possible to proceed to the catches that were carried out with a method widely tested for catches of the Sardinian deer, or telenarcosis, the remote administration of anesthetic drugs. The necessary checks are carried out on the captured animals and a capture form is completed. After the capture, after completing all the health checks, the animals found suitable for the transfer and release were transferred from the parking boxes to the transport crates, to be transported to the liberation sites and finally release




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