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05 May 2016

The documentary realized by the LIFE + OneDeerTwoIslands project has been included in the shortlist of environmental documentaries in competition at the International Festival of sustainable development EKOTOPFILM.

09 April 2016

The team of Corsica Regional Natural Park realesed new animals in U Vituddu territory, in the Zicavo municipality. An action carried on by helicopter.

08 April 2016

Updates on the number of animals realesed in Corsica since the beginning of the LIFE+ Project.

20 March 2016

Following the new releasing activities, the Corsican Sardinian Deer has gone beyond the 1,000 animals threshold. A result that underlines the success of a series of reintroduction projects.

03 February 2016
An interesting story about the project for the preservation of the Sardinian-corse deer.
17 December 2015

A new transport of deer from Sardinia to Corse.

04 December 2015

The presentation of the LIFE+ Project at the Sardinian association "Montanaru" in Udine.

04 December 2015

On the 1st of December 2015, a meeting about the LIFE+ Project „Conservation of red deer cervus elaphus corsicanus in Sardinia and Corse“ will take place in Urzulei at 10:00 am.

26 November 2015

The report about the deer's monitoring in Corse is now available online: http://www.onedeertwoislands.eu/sites/default/files/sintesi_prnc.pdf