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Updates on Corsica realising activities

08 April 2016

After that transfer a few days ago of 5 specimens coming from Sardinia, the repopulation activities are carried on with release of animals from protected area. On 18th of March, 20 deer were released in Monte du Rotondu zone, and on 31st of March 25 deer were released in the CIS of the South Corsica in Massif d’Alcudina zone.

A lot of released animals have transmission equipments which give us an opportunity to monitoring: 8 GPS and 1 VHF for the first release and 8 GPS for the second one.

These releases are adding to the recent transfers from Sardinia to Corsica and to the previous internal releases conducted in Corsica in 2014 and 2015 (10 deer were released in Quenza zone).

Overall, from the start of activities funded under the LIFE program 10 animals were realised coming from Sardinia and 55 from repopulation fences of Corsica. The objective set at 40 animals has been largely overcome and it will be further enhanced by an additional 5 deer that will be transferred from Sardinia between 2016 and 2017. At the end of the Project we will reach the total of the re-introduced animals in the wild up to 70 !

For monitoring released animals at the moment we have 23 active GPS radio collars and 4 VHF radio collars.