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Meeting with experts of LIFE Roads project

19 October 2016

In Cagliari it was discussed the topic of the relation between wild animals and roads. Roads are a critical infrastructure which divides habitats and puts a barrier to animals movements. Roads can be a danger both for biodiversity and for people safety. Life Roads project objectives are (www.lifestrade.it):

  • the implementation and large-scale demonstration of a newly developed sophisticated prevention system that simultaneously warns drivers and deters wildlife from crossing roads in critical moments, in an interactive way;
  • the development and large-scale demonstration of an integrated management protocol.       

Life Roads project met in Cagliari with the Life+ Project “One deer two islands”. Investments carried on in Sardinia to prevent the collisions between deer and cars were analysed and discussed. During the meeting, experts discussed on car accidents with wild animals, geodatabase as well as patterns for monitoring and managing the problem. Experts also focused on Sardinia peculiarities.

There are many focuses on the topic which can be analysed in depth in this special report (click here).