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A new transport of deer from Sardinia to Corse

17 December 2015

On the 15th of  December 2015, 20 years later than the last release, a new transport of deer from Sardinia to Corse was completed with great success. During this operation it must be payed attention to deer’s health and wellness, selecting the most suitable transport solutions. The trip began with a road transport from Costa Verde to Alghero and then by helicopter from Alghero to Modicu, Corse.

5 deer were transferred: an adult male, a young male and three adult female deer. All deer were submitted to health controls in order to prevent the spread of diseases and three of them were provided with radio collars. This operation aims to increase the genetic variability in order to obtain populations resistant to disease and environmental catastrophes. The initiative’s success was guaranteed by the PNRC, Ente Foreste Sardinia and by the Corse University students.