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Presentation of the documentary LIFE+ Nature

01 July 2015

A documentary about Sardinian Corse Deer was presented in Rome on the 30th of June 2015. The documentary highlights problems and opportunities of developing populations of Sardinian-Corse deer and explains the actions already done as part of the project LIFE+ Nature "One deer, two islands". In the past, the Corsican Red Deer, subspecies of red deer adapted to Mediterranean environments, was distributed in all forest areas of Sardinia and Corsica but, as a result of hunting and habitat degradation, its condition progressively worsened up to complete extinction in Corsica and the contraction of the distribution in just three Sardinian populations (Sulcis, Arburese and Serrabus).

Thanks to awareness raising and protection, in the last years there has been an increasing number of animals that populated these areas. Although these efforts, however, the isolation of populations, poaching residue and the resulting difficulties for the monitoring of sensitive areas still not permit to consider the Sardinian-Corse deer out of danger.

The documentary aims to be a tool of promotion to the project and to increase public awareness regarding the importance of protecting biodiversity in general and this species in particular.

The presentation of the documentary was preceded by brief introductory speeches. Gloria Svampa (Museum of Zoology - Rome) highlighted the importance, in the conservation of biodiversity, protection of island populations which can develop typical endemism that enrich the genetic heritage overall. Carlo Garau (Medio Campidano Province), in the role of project leader, explained the objectives of the Project LIFE+ Nature "One deer, two islands". Luciano Mandas (Forestry Agency of Sardinia), in the role of veterinary surgeons of the project, briefly explained the activities necessary to ensure the success of the reintroduction project. Marco Pisapia (ISPRA) has focused on the production process real documentary.

The documentary is available on the official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9Qk172sx6g