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The Cervus elaphus corsicanus lives in dense shrubs and trees found in Mediterranean climate (holm oak, cork oak and downy oak) and open land, clearing etc.

The Sardinian Red Deer or Corsican Red Deer, subspecies of Red Deer, became an endangered species in the 1900s. At the end of 1960s the population of Sardinian Red Deer was extremely small and this subspecies was included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and in Corsica in the same years have been killed the last specimen. In the middle of 1970s it was conducted the first census and recorded about 200-250 specimens in Sardinia.





Animal fences (where to find us and how to get in touch)



Southern Corsica

  • Quenza, 20 specimens, Altitude 800 meters,  Franchi Jérome -  phone:  : +336-20-19-79-99

Northern Corsica

  • Casabianda 35 specimens, near to the sea, Vittori Gilbert

Ania 30 specimen, Altitude 400-500 meters, Vittori Gilbert