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Tourist information

Sardinian or Corsican Red Deer, subspecies of Red Deer, became an endangered species in the 1900s. In the last decades in Sardinia natural population of this subspecies increased.  The LIFE+ Program aim to increase the areas in Sardinia and in Corsica.

The Sardinian or Corsican red Deer, smaller than the Red Deer (males weight 240 kg, whereas males of Sardinian red Deer weight only 130 kg) is perfectly adapted to Mediterranean scrub. If you want to observe them, you have to take some binoculars and reach an area where you are sure they live at dusk or at dawn. It should be better if you do not smoke and not to wear bright colours; Dark subdued colours will suffice. Obviously you must keep silence.

Tips for photographing deer

 First of all,  be patient! If you use a cabin you could have more success.  Choose last days of August and the first half of September: these are the best moments  to observe Red Deer.  This is the mating time, and the specimens are less timorous. In mating season it is easy to hear the presence of this animal when males “bell”, typical call to attract females. Researchers use the bells to find out the number of deer that live in given area.

You can visit animals in Sardinia and in Corsica in the animal fences realized by Ente Foreste della Sardegna and by Parc Naturel Régional de Corse.

In any case, we advice you that you must keep silence and control your dog so that it does not disturb or scare deers in the fences.

Animal fences (where to find us and how to get in touch)


Foresta Demaniale “Settefratelli” – Sinnai (CA):  Dott. Pier Pascal Tronci  - mobile phone:  +39 320 4331069

UGB “Silana-Sa Portiscra” – Urzulei (OG):  Dott. Nicola Sanna - mobile phone:  +39 3280281428

UGB “Neoneli” – Neoneli (OR): Dott. Filippo Murtas - mobile phone:  +39 3204331276

Foresta Demaniale “Funatanamela-Su Lau” – Laconi (OR): Dott. Maurizio Mallocci - mobile phone:  +39 3280281225

Foresta Demaniale “Monte Lerno” – Pattada (SS):   Dott. Salvatore Falchi - mobile phone:  +39 3204331177

Southern Corsica

Quenza, 20 specimens, Altitude 800 meters,  Franchi Jérome -  phone:  : +336-20-19-79-99

Northern Corsica

Casabianda 35 specimens, near to the sea, Vittori Gilbert

Ania 30 specimen, Altitude 400-500 meters, Vittori Gilbert


​Note: it is not yet possible to visit fences in Corsica at the moment