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Action A2: Preliminary and final interventions of the executive actions.


The action contents are:

  • the signature of the agreement between the beneficiary and the associated coordinator partners;
  • the elaboration of the general studies about SIC spatial and environmental characteristics;
  • the preparation of the preliminary, definitive and executive actions, comply with the management plans, which are designed for the conservation of habitats occupied by the Cervus elaphus corsicanus;
  • the dangers reduction.

The identifiers data of the intervention’s points in each area must be based on the recognition of the relations among the different elements of flora and fauna; this identification must be operational to the habitats’ conservation where the deer population lives or where it will be reintroduced.

Kind of interventions as well as their location can be devised only basing on parameters which take into account meteorological analysis, geomorphological and vegetation studies. These drivers will influence the quantitative parameters of the evolutionary dynamics inside the habitat.

Taking into account the environmental value and the sensitivity of the interested areas, the action’s options should be oriented to the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials, which are certifiable and easily available. In this way we can reduce the effects on the area in accordance with law guidelines which protect the animal welfare.

Types of interventions must be simple, easily repeatable, with a low environmental impact, long-term effective, and oriented to create a combined effect with other systems of protection. In this way the organic and integrated interventions can contribute to reduce the dangers and to facilitate spontaneous processes of growth and diffusion of the deer’s populations.