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Action A3: Genetic studies of the populations in Sardinia and Corsica

In order to reduce the endogamy among individuals “related by blood” and to facilitate the increase of the genetic variability in the analyzed populations, the attention will be focused on genetic characteristics of the three main populations: Monte Arcuentu, Rio Piscinas (ITB040031) and Corsica.


The variability study will be finalized to a more detailed genetic analyses’ control, in order to develop protocols to the genetic analysis of the high nuclear variability markers, that’s used in analysis of the more genetically various’ species and populations. The minimum number of markers to have acceptable laboratory tests will be defined in a cost-benefits feasibility study. These studies must be preceded by a revision of the literature. The analyses are taken at the ISPRA’s genetic laboratory (based in Ozzano) and carried on by EFS, PMC and PRNC. It is estimated that 20-30 elements could be obtained from each population, for a total of 60-90 elements.