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Action A4: Training of the staff involved in the reintroduced-deer’s monitoring.

The action includes the training of the staff involved in the monitoring of the new populations, created through translocation, of Cervus elaphus corsicanus in both Sardinia and Corsica.  

A series of meetings will be carried out to prepare the operators about the use of several techniques of direct and indirect control.

The participants will receive a basic training about the interested species. Other topics which will be discussed about the methods are:

a) radio telemetry, both satellite and “on field” (GPS, UHF, VHF, Drop Hoff);

b) direct observations from optimal locations trough optical instruments (recognition of individuals on the sex and age’s classes);

 c) techniques of Pellets group count (Fecal accumulation rate, Fecal standing crop, Standing crop strip transect counts, Standing crop line transect counts).


The action will have effects on the reintroduced deer’s populations in:

1) Supramonte of Oliena, Orgosolo e Urzulei – Su Suercone ITB ITB022212 (Provincia Ogliastra)

2) Gulf of Orosei ITB020014 (Provincia Ogliastra)

3) Monti del Gennargentu ITB021103 (Provincia Ogliastra)

4) Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas ITB040031 (Provincia del Medio Campidano)

5) Monte Linas Marganai ITB041111 (Provincia del Medio Campidano)

6) Chênaie verte et juniperaie de la Tartagine FR9402004 (Corse)

7) Massif de l’Incudine FR9400582 (Corse)

8) Rivière et Vallée du Fangu FR9400577 (Corse)