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Action B1: Interventions of compensation – rent for the terrains bordering the project’s areas.

The project does not involve the purchase of terrains but only the compensation to landowners, to realize the activities C4 and C5.

The creation of ecological corridors regards an area of 20 ha (49,42 ac). In the Medio Campidano Province, terrains are localized between the SIC Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas  (ITB040031), characterized by a high concentration of deer; and the SIC "from Piscinas to Riu Scivu" (ITB040071), "Capo Pecora" (ITB040030), "Monte Linas - Marganai" (ITB041111) where the density is lower, through Pitzinurri, Gennamari, Bidderdi, and in the North Pardu Atzei.

In the Ogliastra Province, terrains are located between Sarrabus Gerrei (south east Sardinia) and Ogliastra (center - east). These terrains, used for the forage’s production, will allow the link among the areas where the species already lives (Monti Settefratelli - Villasalto, Parco di Bruncu Santoru, Oasi Taccu e Gairo, Ussassa Foresta di Montarbu), with the aim of avoiding the isolation of the Sardinian deer and the creation of an ecological corridor along the Sardinian east-coast.

The realization of watering points, pasture and arable crops interests an area of 10ha (24,71 ac). This kind of intervention is designed to areas with a high density of deer.

 The landowners will be contacted at the beginning of the project and the written agreements with them could be obtained during the next phase. The provinces, through the Department of Agriculture, are always in direct contact with the landowners. It’s necessary to keep in mind that these terrains are mainly infertile or provide low incomes. For the landowners, the possibility to obtain a little income from their terrains is a great opportunity. This method has already been used in the Medio Campidano Province and the feedback from the owners has been well accepted. All the interested areas in Corsica are inside of the regional Natural Park.

Sardinia Forestry Commission will stipulate rent contracts with privates: contracts will be useful to stipulate written and long-lasting agreements, in order to include the landowners that can’t have access to the regional protection measures.