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Action C1: Building of light infrastructure and paddocks

Seven paddocks and wood turrets will be realized to capture and hold the deer, in order to achieve the health monitoring and to observe the animals; three of these paddocks will be realized in the source area, the other paddocks of parking in the sites of release in Sardinia and Corse. 

Three paddocks of capture, realized on the basis of previous experiences, will have the external dimensions of  50x20 m /164 x 65 ft (a total area of 1,000 m2)(10,76ft2)  built with poles “T” “antigatto” with a height of 2.5 m (8,20ft). They are completely covered (total shielding 100%) by a rhomboid net. The entrance is made by a gate of  2 m x 2.5 m (6,5 x 8,2ft), with automatic closing system and remote control. Inside this paddock we can find a 100 m2(1076ft2) room of capture with 2.5 m (8,20ft) high as well as an internal opening. Small dimensions of the capture’s room are necessary to keep the animals at a short distance to ease an effective and safety shooting with the tele anesthesia.

The capture’s room is covered with a wood turret. This structure is made of chestnut wood FCS. It’s a structure built on four vertical lintels, with a section of 30x30cm (11 x 11 in), which keep a wood a 4 m2 platform 2 m above the ground. This platform hosts a fully closed cabin, with a pitched roof, and an opening that allows the access from outside. The walls are provided with side openings for both control and the use of the tele anesthesia’s rifle.

Inside the paddock area will be organized the planting of food crops and a trough. These light infrastructures should be realized during the first year of activity, in order to be used during the whole project.

The animals captured will be taken to the parking paddocks that are located in four areas, in Sardinia and Corse.

Other paddocks will have the same technical features of the one mentioned above. Their dimensions are 20x10 m (total surface of  200 m2/18,5ft2) built with poles “T” “antigatto” 2.5 m (8,2ft) high. They will be completely covered by a rhomboid net (total shielding 100%) provided with a wood turret with the dimensions of the capture paddocks ones. The turrets are essential to control the animals inside the paddocks and in cases they need the vet intervention. Even these structures should be realized since the first year of the project.

The turrets will be useful to several actions, not only during the project but event after it. The turrets will help the LIFE staff to monitor the control and displacement’s actions. Other eight turrets are planned and will be used by the operators to observe the animals in the areas where interventions of environmental improvement are planned.