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Action C3: Creation of new populations in Sardinia and Corsica

The captured animals will be taken to the areas of release as early as possible.

The transport will be realized through equipped vehicles and inside of specific wood trunks for ungulates.

Before the transport the veterinary obtains the necessary permits from the local health authority and in case of transfer to Corsica from the competent Authority. During the transfer, a veterinary keeps monitoring the welfare conditions of animals.

Regarding the transportation of the deer in Ogliastra province, the release will take place within a small corral in the site of reintroduction.

The action allows the transfer from the capture site Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas ITB040031 to the sites of release Supramonte di Oliena, Orgosolo e Urzulei – Su Suercone ITB ITB022212, Gulf of Orosei ITB020014, Monti del Gennargentu ITB021103  in Sardinia, Chênaie verte et juniperaie de la Tartagine FR9402004, Massif de l’Incudine FR9400582, Rivière et Vallée du Fangu FR9400577 in Corsica.

These chosen places are the ones where the deer was historically present, protected by several authorities, such as SIC areas, protection’s oasis, and parks.

The areas are generally defined on the basis of:

- Presence of deer in the past.

- Suitable Biotypes to the deer’s presence.

- Amount of livestock holdings

- Amount of agriculture

- Tourism

- Distance from the high intense traffic roads

- Hunting areas

- Evaluation of venatorial pressure

- Poaching

- Monitoring’s possibilities

- Awareness campaign of the population

- Forest fire risk

- Ease of access