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Action E5: International conference about reintroduction of animals of community interest

An international conference will take place, before the end of the project, to discuss about the fauna management: European experts of the habitats’ protection will be invited as well as beneficiaries of the LIFE projects who face these topics in different areas. During the single day conference, project objectives and achieved results will be presented. Experiences that are going on in the whole Europe will be shared.

About 100 guests are expected who will share their experiences with the staff involved in the project. This meeting is an important occasion of in-depth analysis and debates about the researches concerning environmental themes.
The networking activities with the LIFEIII e LIFE+ projects will be realized during the entire project and it will include exchange of experiences and technical documents about the management of habitat of community interest.

Lastly, the assignment of a symbolic prize to the most innovative work, presented by a researcher of the universities of Cagliari and Sassari, will be awarded.
At public meeting local and regional authorities will be invited as well as the Environmental Department and the European Commission.