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Action E6: Placement of panels, signs and boards in the project areas.


In order to spread the objectives of the Natura 2000 and LIFE projects’ objectives, two kinds of panels will be installed: informational panels and educational panels.


  1. Information panels: they contain information about the sites, such as the presentation of the SIC, its territory and the habitats with the species; information about Rete Natura 2000; information about natural peculiarities and the historical – cultural heritage; rules of conduct to be respected in order to reduce the damages to the habitats and the disturb to the species of community interest; a cartography reporting indications of the naturalistic trails, their length and average walking time. The panels have dimensions of 70 x 100 cm (27,3 x 39 in) and are sustained by wood structures.


  1. Educational panels: they contain information about the naturalistic characteristics of the sites. These panels will be installed along the naturalistic paths, in the nearby of the habitats interested by the interventions. They will have dimensions of 50 x 70 cm (19,5 x 27,3 in)  and sustained by wood structures, with a low impact on the environment. Placed closed to the parking areas and the points of observation as well as along the trails.


Panels and information boards will be realized with natural biodegradable materials.
The set up of 6 panels per area has been calculated on the basis of the numbers of access points. They also aim to inform tourists.

The action will be conducted in all sites of interest:

1) Supramonte di Oliena, Orgosolo and Urzulei – Su Suercone ITB ITB022212 (Province Ogliastra)
2) Golfo di Orosei ITB020014 (Province Ogliastra)
3) Monti del Gennargentu ITB021103 (Province Ogliastra)
4) Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas ITB040031 (Province del Medio Campidano)
5) Monte Linas Marganai ITB041111 (Province del Medio Campidano)
6) Chênaie verte et juniperaie de la Tartagine FR9402004 (Corsica)
7) Massif de l’Incudine FR9400582 (Corsica)
8) Rivière et Vallée du Fangu FR9400577 (Corsica)