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Activities in Corsica

More deer were freed in Zicavu, SCI of the Cuscione Highlands and Massif de l’Alcudina.

Five more animals were successfully moved to Corsica on March 15th.

The scientific report about the transfer of deer from Sardinia to Corsica from 1985 to nowadays is available here.

Blood samples are taken to realize a genetic study (action A3). 

5 training days at the PNRC spaces in Riventosa (Corse centre) from the 11th to the 15th of Februar 2013. The theoretical classes took place at the main building, while the practical ones at the reintroduction's corral of Casabianda (eastern plan). The course, divided in three training modules, was taken forward by the ISPRA (Project's partner). 5 consecutive days with 30 hours for each operator. 16 operators involved in the study of Distance Sampling, Pellets group Count and Radiotracking GPS.

During the capture's sessions (A3 action) all deer were branded with a colored and numerate auricular plate. All deer were also submitted to health's controls and blood samples (D2 action). The blood samples were aent to the departmental laboratoires. 

The monitoring includes the following diseases:

- Ovine catarrhal fever (BT)

- Brucellosis

- Chlamydia

- Para tubercolosis

- Q fever

- Toxoplasmosi

- Besnoitiosis

- Infectious Bovine Rhinitis 1 (BHV-1).