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Layman's report (2019)

11 March 2019

Main Results

The main objective of the project was to ensure the long-term protection of Cervus elaphus corsicanus, promoting cooperation between local institutions involved in deer management.
The second was the realization of the actions to allow the coexistence between human activities (agriculture and breeding) and species in the same territories.
The third objective was to enlarge the areas in which the species is present, improving the Natura 2000 areas.


Eight Sites of Community Interest (S.C.I.) were involved, three in Corsica and five in Sardinia:

1. Massif de l’Incudine FR9400582
2. Massif du Rotondo FR9400578
3. Chénaie verte et juniperaie de la Tartagine FR9402004
4. Supramonte of Oliena, Orgosolo and Urzulei - Su Suercone ITB022212
5. Gulf of Orosei ITB020014
7. Monti del Gennargentu ITB021103
7. Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas ITB040031
8. Monte Linas Marganai ITB041111

The project resulted in the reintroduction in Ogliastra of eighty deers captured in Sardinia in the source area of the Costa Verde Oasis (Arbus) - Site of Community Interest Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas - to repopulate a territory that in the past housed a large number of red deer.
The project envisaged the introduction of genetically differentiated animals coming from distant areas to improve the genetic variety.
For this reason, fifteen deerfrom the SCI Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas, have been transferred from Sardinia to Corsica.

Brochure e dépliant

  •   47,000 brochures over the project have benne produced in 4 languages about sustainable development and the Sardinian-Corsican red deer;
  •   24,700 brochures have been distributed in many local schools.

Information  and educational panels

  • 10 large didactic panels have been installed in the project areas, in Sardinia;
  • 20 panels describing the project;
  • In Corsica they 21 information panels have been installed  illustrating the deer trails in the three SIC interested by the project

Road bollards

In order to reduce accidents in some roads with a particularly high density of  the deer, light systems have been installed to avoid collision with cars.  In particular, the following have been installed:

  •  395 margin delineators
  • 530 anti-roughing optical bollards
  • 4 triangular signs of danger “wandering wild animals” with LEDs bright;
  • 5 kilometers of road interested:  2 along the state road n.126 and 3 along the provincial road n.66, within SIC areas of Sardinia.

Deer Trails

6 dedicated paths have been created in the areas of the red deer, to improve the deer-watching in the wild in Sardinia: in the SCI Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas, SCI Monti di Gennargentu and SIC Golfo di Orosei, and in Corsica in the SIC Chénaie Verte et Juniperaie de la Tartagine, SIC Massif de l’Incudine and SIC
Massif du Rotondo.

Deerwatching houses

4 houses were built for deer watching, of which 3 made in Corsica and precisely in the SCI Massif du Rotondu, Chénaie Verte et Juniperaie de la Tartagine and at the SCI Cuscionu-Alcudina and one built in Sardinia at the forest of Crocorigas (Montevecchio - Guspini).

Ecological corridors

Ecological corridors have been set up by the construction of pastures and herbaceous meadows to feed the deer in the southern Sardinia province for 80 hectares and in the former province of Ogliastra. The pasture meadows keep deer away from crops intended for domestic livestock, both to induce
them to migrate to less populated areas. Furthermore, lawns have been built and arable land for a total of 40 hectares in the province of South Sardinia and 40 hectares in the former province of Ogliastra.

Watering points

In order to increase the availability of water for the especially in dry seasons, 32 watering and restoration points were created.
Four of the water troughs were placed on the SCI Monte Arcuentu and Rio Piscinas, 12 in the SCI Monte Linas Marganai, 14 in the





Rapporto sui risultati del progetto



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Rapport sur les résultats du projet