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The subspecies is endemic of Sardinia and  Corsica.

Until the 1900s some authors describe it as common and widespread.

At the beginning of 20th century the Sardinian Red Deer was distributed in Sardinia, in particularly in the highlands, but its density was reduced. In the 1950s it was possible to find only in three different areas in Sardinia (Arbus, Sulcis, Sarrabus) At the end of 1960s the population of Sardinian Red Deer was extremely small and this subspecies was included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

In the last decades in Sardinia natural population of this subspecies increased.

In the 1980s and the 1990s 14 specimens have been transferred from Sardinia to Corsica (fences of Quenza and Casabianda first). Since 1998 the Red Deers have been released (239 specimens in 11 years). Now the subspecies is distributed in 5 areas: Montifau/Castifau, Venancais, Deux Sorru, Fium’Orbu and Alta Rocca.


The census conducted by Ente Foreste della Sardegna and Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (I.S.P.R.A.) recorded the following data:


1. Sulcis 2075 specimens (15046 hectares);

2. Sarrabus 1175 specimens (5471 hectares);

3. Montimannu 275 specimens (1490 hectares);

4. Villasalto 240 specimens (1245 hectares);

5. Arburese (SIC M. Campidano) 2700 specimens (12977 hectares);

6. Laconi 40 specimens (1598 hectares);

7. Usellus 60 specimens (1472 hectares);

8. Pabarile 60 specimens;

9. Ulassai 35 specimens (2355 hectares);

10. Montarbu 80 specimens (2700 hectares);

11. Urzulei 20 specimens;

12. Monte Lerno 415 specimens (3000 hectares);

13. Monte Olia 205 specimens (4157 hectares).


 The census conducted by the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse and the group “Grands ongulés” (ONCFS,ONF,OEC,University of Corsica)  recorded the following data:


1. Alta Rocca (Vallée de Quenza et basse vallée Cuscionu), 300 speciemans (12000 hectares);

2. Deux sorru (Letia - Guagnu), 185 speciemans (11000 hectares);

3. Fium'Orbu (Chisà_plaine orientale), 220 speciemans (7200 hectares);

4. Moltifau/Castifau, 70 speciemans (5340 hectares);

5. Venacais, 75 speciemans (2900 hectares).